Was heißt »Clas­sis« auf Englisch?

Das Substantiv »Clas­sis« lässt sich wie folgt von Deutsch auf Englisch übersetzen:

  • classis
  • class



Englische Beispielsätze

  • You never have class or what?!

  • His essay gave only a superficial analysis of the problem, so it was a real surprise to him when he got the highest grade in the class.

  • Johnson is a recluse; he prefers to isolate himself from the rest of the students in our class.

  • James had a great fear of making mistakes in class and being reprimanded.

  • I have class tomorrow.

  • To be quiet in class is to respect other people's sleep.

  • Why did you absent yourself from class yesterday?

  • You have to study hard to catch up with your class.

  • The teacher was worried by Tom's frequent absence from class.

  • I must hurry to class.

  • Students must keep silent during class.

  • At school he was always at the top of his class.

  • Everybody came to the class on time.

  • No other boy in our class is more studious than Jack.

  • We will have a math class tomorrow.

  • Lobsters belong to a class of marine animals.

  • Mary sings best of all of the girls in class.

  • Mary is the prettiest girl in her class.

  • Mary and I are in the same class.

  • Mike runs fastest in his class.

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